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Creativity, Leadership, and Positive Psychology Coach

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North Star Personal Coaching


Centuries ago, long before the GPS, compasses or other navigational aids, explorers sailed through the darkness of vast oceans, charting their course by following the North Star. Through changing winds and currents and  shifting constellations overhead, they could stay on course by following Polaris, the North Star, the one constant point of light in the sky.

You can find the North Star by locating the Big Dipper, the group of stars that looks like a saucepan. Directly above the two stars at the front of the dipper and five times the distance between these two stars, you will see the bright star, Polaris, the North Star.

Like Renaissance explorers who navigated by the North Star, we can chart our course in life by the light of our guiding values.

As we journey through life, the most important thing is staying on course with what we truly value. I use the latest research in positive psychology to help people:

  • set goals that reflect their core values,
  • map out effective strategies to reach their goals,
  • follow through,
  • stay on course, and
  • create lives of greater joy and meaning.

As I’ve discovered in my own life and research, the right kinds of goals bring our lives greater meaning and momentum.

Whether you want to demonstrate greater health and vitality, begin a new writing project or create another new possibility in your life, as your positive psychology coach, I will be there to support you in:

  • setting meaningful and achievable goals,
  • maintaining accountability to support your progress,
  • dealing with roadblocks and challenges,
  • building hope and momentum,
  • celebrating your success.


For more on discerning your values, see my book:

Dreher, D. E. (2008). 
Your Personal Renaissance. New York, NY: DaCapo Press.

For a discussion of hope and goals, see my study:

Feldman, D. B. and Dreher, D. E. (2012).  
Can hope be changed in 90 minutes? Testing the efficacy of a single-session goal-pursuit intervention for college students.  Journal of Happiness Studies, 13, 745-759, DOI: 10.1007/s10902-011-9292-4.

To learn how to navigate using the North Star, 
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